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About Me

Hello. My Name is Mil Gaspar.
And this is my Webprofile.

In early-midd 2013, I started teaching HTML to myself. In late 2013, a friend led me to coding Visual Basic. Since, I learn coding and software developement, as a hobby and as education.

In 2014, my very first website went online under, where I published mods and maps for videogames I played at the time. The website, now defunct, was followed up by the website that later became, which was the predecessor of It was simmilar to this one, and, always beeing "work in progress", the design changed regularly.

My Projects



Color Manager

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Trickfilm - shows productions by students who attend an animation course.
I developed this website in collaboration with Jannik Krämer ( between 2015 and 2016 for a cartoon course in which we both participated. From 2016 to 2017 the website was revised, this time without Krämer. Thumbnails and other content were also worked on by Xavier Salomon ( M DeZorzi and D Klaassen as well as André Faber. Visit


Colorado is a project that arose out of the need for a powerful color tool. It was developed between 2016 and late 2017 and offers several small features for working with digital colors. I use it for web design and graphic design to select, list, save, and customize colors. The portable program is available for Windows and is provided free of charge on this page. You can download it under "Products". Visit Project Website (Outdated) Download (1,9 MB)